TV – The Walking Dead Season 2

DEREK: 7/10, good, should see

This season was loosely based on vague interpretations of the second graphic novel. The ragtag survivor caravan hits the road and then gets stuck at a farm for FOREVER. There are several twists and pitfalls, new people are added, some old favorites and supporting characters die, and the group eventually moves on again. The season ends with two very big teasers towards the impending third season.

After the second season was over, my 11yr old son who watches with me says “Dad, that one was more…. dramatic. Like less action.” I said “Son, as in life, more women equals more drama.” The second season was supposedly well funded and had good lines layed out but then once filming started suffered some major budget cuts and behind the scenes staffing changes.  If true, it definately showed in the finished product.  Too many dramatic character moments, not enough big zombie scenes, not enough action, but we kept on watching every week hoping for more carnage.

In the end you do need to watch it, if only to keep you up to speed with what looks to be a way more exciting Season 3. Now that I have read 15 books it looks like they have started amalgamating several at a time and adjusting the timeline around. Fine with me, just keep the ‘feelings’ to a minimum.

YES, my son watches with me, and so should yours. The reality of the world is that SOME large catastrophe is going to hit and it would be nice if your own family wasnt just baggage themselves…. Teach your kids to be useful, not just how to be a consumer.