TV – The Walking Dead Season 1

DEREK: 9/10, great, must see

This gem of a tv series was derived from a line of graphic novels by the same title; I didnt even know that when I started watching, it was about zombies dammit! The series starts similarly to the movie 28 Days Later but based in and around the Atlanta and Georgia area.  Injured policeman wakes up in hospital to find post-chaos; an infection has started and corpses are walking. He soon catches up with a group of survivors including his wife, son, and best friend.  6 episodes follow their struggles and an attempt to get some professional help at the Centre for Disease Control (CDC). In good cliffhanger fashion, the season ends with a bang!

Something has to be wrong with you if you dont enjoy The Walking Dead concept and ongoing series. While sorta small-budget indie to start with, it pushed the boundaries of popular tv and gave a fairly realistic portrayal of what life WILL be like in a pandemic apocalypse mass-chaos situation. Social niceties will all but disappear and people will quickly realize what a spoiled glutonous society we have lived in for decades.

The inaugural season had decent actors, good writers, good zombies, and a boatload of promise. I looked forward to watching each and every show, and had a little bit of panic and withdrawal when it ended. Plenty of internet scuttlebutt ensued, but thankfully the series was picked up for at least one more season.