Movie – Juan of the Dead 2011

DEREK: 9/10, great, must see

Juan of the Dead is a cuban take on the zombie action comedy with english subtitles. Yes really.  It follows our lead characters through the infection and subsequent survival stages in Havana, Cuba.

While we’ve seen some very formulaic ideas floating around the genre in the past few years, this movie proved to be a nice departure and very well executed. Yes there are zombies. Yes there are scavenging heroes. Yes there is isolation and survival. But add a little ‘Shuan of the Dead’ and a bit of suggestive randiness and you have a great new addition to our favorite genre.

The actors were well cast and performed well, the special effects were good, and the overall quality was excellent. The cuban existence (communist oppresive regime) added a funny twist to everything, and the hilarious stereotypical american near the end was just a bonus…. for those of us outside the united states.

You should see it, although finding it will be a challenge. (Like credible informed military intelligence)