Movie – Iron Sky 2012

DEREK: 3/10, sub-par, pass

NOT a zombie genre movie, but an awesome example of a really bad movie. In 1945 Nazis escape in a spacecraft to a moon base and plan their return.

Boy, I love a good B movie, and this one had potential just with the concept. I really wanted it to be good. And I give leeway in B movies when it comes to acting, dialogue, set and effects quality….. but this movie sucked. The plot was thoroughly disjointed and I think the nazi concept was supposed to hold it all together. If there was a C movie category this would be there instead ( or D). The sets and effects were good, the costumes were good, but it all flowed like sun-baked mud; a sad waste of the editors time putting this together. I have seen better work by my son on his iPad, after too much sugar. An ADHD squirrel would have written and executed a better screenplay.

You should pass on this one, your time is better off spent taking a nap, assuming you have a proper couch. (Proper nap couch is a whole nother discussion) You’re welcome for watching this one for you instead.