About Us

11231164_10152942235276962_5179105750743190190_oWelcome to UnDead State.  Someday (soon?) the world as we know it will come to an end.  We have our chips down on a Zombie attack takeover, but of course there is a slim chance it will be an apocalypse of some other type.  Either way we are trying to compile some good info to keep some of you alive…. the strong ones.  And the good looking.

Comics?  We made our own, and its good.  Someday you can watch the movie, its that good.

Product?  Yup.  Tshirts soon as we can, prototype melee weapons in the works, informative stocking stuffer books underway.

Reviews?  In progress. Games, movies, printed materials.  With our own unique brand of humour. Twisted.

Future?  If the world lasts long enough we are planning to build a storefront with shooting range.  With bunk beds and a meat smoker, so if we need a place to go, and Mila Jovovich needs a place to stay…