Hey friends and fan(s) I have a special announcement. My good buddy from college, Ken Haeser and his compadres Buz Hasson and Blair Smith are doing a kickstarter for their 160 page Graphic Novel – The Living Corpse: RELICS. I have financially supported this book because it’s an F’ing fun book about a zombie that is a hero fighting all the evil things that go bump in the night. But they need your help… So I offered them a limited supply of signed prints of my Lilith pinup (pictured below) that I did for the graphic novel a while back. These are signed by me (and probably Blair too) So if you’re a fan of UndeadState or just a fan of my art… now’s your chance to get this special, one time print for your collection!

You can go to the link below for more details. There are only 11 days left for you to get a kickass comic and some really cool rewards!



Author: Shane Hill

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